This traditional gentleman’s game is deeply rooted in English heritage, and is enjoyed worldwide.

  • There are references to cricket being played in England during the 1500s
  • By the 17th century the game was quite popular among the masses, particularly in Sussex, Kent, and Surrey
  • The middle of the 18th century cricket saw cricket being played at every level of society, from village greens to wealthy estates. However, the game lacked a coherent set of rules.
  • The first inter-county match was played between Kent and Surrey in 1709
  • The first cricket club was formed at Hambledon, Hampshire, in the 1760s. The Hambledon club established techniques of batting and bowling which still hold today, and Hambledon claims a page in history books as the “Birthplace of Cricket”
  • In 1787 the power of the game shifted to London with the establishment of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), which had its headquarters at Lord’s cricket ground
  • In 1806, English public schools helped publicise the sport through their annual match called “Gentlemen vs. Players”, played at Lord’s Cricket Ground
  • In 1835 the MCC gave cricket its first formal rules, which still stand largely intact today
  • The first North v South match was held in 1836, and for many years was the principle fixture of the season
  • In 1844, the first international match took place between Canada and the United States
  • England’s first Test match was a five-wicket victory over Australia in 1880
  • During 1948, five day Tests began in England
  • England regained the Ashes in 1953 after a 19 year wait
  • In 1971 the first one day international took place between Australia and England
  • The first World Cup was help at Lord’s in 1975, where the West Indies beat Australia
  • In 2003 the Twenty20 Cup was inaugurated in England
  • England won back to back Ashes tournaments in 2009 & 2010